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So I follow Parents Magazine and their facebook posts. They posted a link to a recent article about the rates of autism in second children if the older child has an autism spectrum disorder. Then people are able to comment below. It's amazing to me the ignorance of people. Here are just a few of the comments.

1. I think Autism, ADD and all the other "disorders" are over diagnosed, yes I believe some kids suffer from them, but I believe that some kids just need a good kick in the ass...some discipline, manners ect. When I was in school there was not a single person with ADD or Autism, now my kids are in school, every other kid got some disorder...and there is a medicine for it...and diet does play a role, what people think is Autism and ADD could be a food allergy.

2. Completely agree with u Dewi! I think a lot, NOT ALL, diagnosis of ADD, autism, etc. is just a cop-out for parents that don't wanna be parents. Absolutely its much easier to parent a medicated child than to step up and parent a rambunxious one. 

3.When I think of the Autism I think of the guy that said vaccines caused it and parents believed him..and we know how that story ends.. 

and my favorite:
4.  Where was ADD 20 years ago?  

1, 2 and 4 were all written by the same person.

I felt my blood boil. It is hard enough to wrap your head around your child being on the Autism Spectrum, then you have to read things from people like this who think they know what they are talking about - but realistically speaking, they are clearly displaying their ignorance for all of facebook to read. I couldn't help myself, I had to respond.

Here is what I wrote:

Perhaps we should consider the amount of research that has been done in recent years about Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. I think that because we know so much more about these disorders doctors are able to better diagnose children. We've been told there is most likely a genetic link in our girls. Autism runs on a spectrum, and to be diagnosed, children go through rather lengthy evaluations. My 5 year old has a PDD diagnosis, because she meets the criteria of an ASD. My 2 year old has also received the diagnosis - but both girls present in a very different manner. Neither is what the movies have made autism out to be. They are both sweet little girls who need extra help navigating the world around them. My older daughter also has an ADHD diagnosis as well as seizures and developmental coordination disorder. I participate in their therapies, work with the school system to provide them an excellent education and try every single day to help them. It's very disheartening to read the accusations of people who clearly don't parent these special children. It's also important to consider the legalities surrounding our school systems and mainstreaming. Perhaps there were no children in your class 20 years ago because they were isolated, and the kids with subtle symptoms were just labeled as trouble-makers or distracted or lazy.

What do you think, should I have just bitten my tongue and let them live in their blissful ignorance? I couldn't help myself, and now I will spend some time fretting if I was polite enough while stating the truth. I am no expert, but I would never pass judgement on the parents of a child with a diagnosis - not when we know the genetic nature of our girls. Are there bad parents out there - of course! I've seen neglect, and reinforcement of bad behaviors more time then not - but what about the rest of us who really try our best day in a day out? I know I'm preaching to the choir here - but I had to put it out there!

Sighing a big old sigh and shaking my head.

here is the link for the article:

and here is the link for the fb discussion:

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