Friday, September 23, 2011


Umbrellas are a perfectly innocent object for most kids. My girls, like all other kids, love to burst out their brand new character designed umbrellas when the rain is pouring. Heck, Kennedy likes to pull out the umbrella any time any day, rain or shine. It's been raining for what feels like days or weeks, and it's too warm for jackets.

I dread the days of rain and umbrellas. My kids are difficult enough to wrangle with bright sunny weather. Put umbrellas in their hands and the wrangling becomes so much harder. First there is little Kennedy whose umbrella hits me in the knees and prevents me from reaching a hand to hold. Not holding Kennedy's hand is a dangerous prospect, especially when parking lots and buses are involved! I'm sitting here, hoping the rain is going to stop before it's time to pick Molly up from school.

How can something as simple as umbrellas make the day so much harder? I see all these other kids walking around, holding their character umbrellas, perfectly above their heads - walking carefully and then I see my crazy self desperately trying to maintain safety for my girls and know they aren't going to run away from me!

Oh well, there are definitely worse things - I just wish it would stop raining!

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