Monday, November 21, 2011

A busy time of year.

It has been quite a while since I have blogged, it has just been so busy over here. I'm fairly certain I've fallen asleep each night when the kids are in bed. In fact, I'm pretty sure Kennedy outlasts me on most nights. We just celebrated Molly's 6th birthday and are getting ready to celebrate Kennedy's 3rd birthday. Thanksgiving was celebrated and soon Christmas will be too. The girls are at such wonderful ages for these exciting times.

Molly is still battling her unknown and undiagnosed issue. Most days are spent on the couch, although we've been pushing her to go to school. I do get called to pick her up more often then I'd hope for, but her para is so good at recognizing the signs of Molly going down - that I don't argue at all. I would rather Molly fall apart and meltdown at home. She seems to get very zoney, pale, blows repetitive spit bubbles, and can't focus at all. She'll say she doesn't feel good or that she needs to go to the hospital. The last comment is most disconcerting because she is so insistent that she needs to go. She actually told me she needed to go for a week to rest. She's just so very tired. Today she went to school and made it all day, but when I picked her up I could see the dark circles under eyes and the zoney look on her face. We came home, and she couldn't climb the stairs without help, then I had to physically change her pants for her into "comfy pants". She then curled up on the couch with a drink and a small snack. There my pale little girl stayed until I coaxed her off the couch for dinner and there she returned as soon as dinner was over. She slept 11.5 hours last night. It's all very frustrating. Right now the debate seems to be whether it's and actual physical illness or if it's more behavioral/developmental. I've seen the symptoms before although never this prolonged or severe and they always mean something is physically wrong. I guess time will tell, but I wish I new how to better help her at this point - I feel helpless.

Kennedy, however, is doing so well. She went to the dentist for the first time today and put up minimal fuss - they were very impressed with her and able to clean all her teeth. She was all smiles and greetings and hugs at her birthday party and even helped to greet unfamiliar guests in a relatively unfamiliar environment for Thanksgiving. She was quite impressive. She still has her peer issues and some major sensory and motor development issues, but she has come SO FAR in the last year. Birth to 3 has been a phenomenal help in this. Unfortunately Kennedy has had a lingering respiratory virus for the last month, just as she seems to get better the nose and cough start up again. This is a kid who's never really been sick, it's kind of weird to be worrying about her with illnesses. She seems to go croupy and get the stridor type breathing very easily. She also has a continuous and progressive rash on her face, arms and legs - always has had it. I guess it's a good thing both girls have well visits with our beloved pediatrician next week!

And because we didn't feel like our lives were busy enough, we are expecting our 3rd baby at the end of May. We decided at the end of the summer, that one more child would just complete our family and that if it was meant to be it would happen. Well it happened very quickly and we couldn't be more excited! It does amaze me how easy it is to forget how difficult pregnancy can be. I am not one of those lucky women who breeze through with few symptoms. I'm wiped out all the time, spent the first trimester nauseous and now that I'm in the second trimester I'm sick like every morning (gross right?). There are more things I could complain about, but all I have to do is remember the day my girls were born. Molly's rather traumatic but nevertheless remarkable birth and the amazing day Kennedy was born. Seeing this beautiful baby girl for the first time and just feeling instantly connected. Perhaps my pregnancies prepare me for the challenges my kids will throw at me, or perhaps it's payback ( my Mom was sick with all three of us too). Whatever it is, I know when this one is born, it will once again be a miracle.

So, it's a busy time of year for sure. There is plenty of shopping, cooking, driving and cleaning to do. But there are also all these special moments to enjoy. Kennedy's first day of school is next week, we will go visit Santa soon, and the girls each spent time decorating their own small trees in their rooms. We will buy presents for the less fortunate and make gifts for those we love. We will rejoice in all that we have and say thank you that we are so blessed each day. We will also enjoy the light in the girls' eyes as their Christmas wishes are fulfilled and we will plan for growing family with excitement and anticipation.

This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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