Friday, July 8, 2011

My "special" kids

This is my first attempt at blogging, but my days seem to lend themselves to stories, and I'd like to share them.

Firstly, I am blessed to have a devoted husband and who matches my "witty" remarks each step of the way. He has been my partner through all the ups and downs life has given us. Our oldest daughter, Molly, is 5 1/2. She is our roller coaster: up and down, round and round, we never know quite what is coming next. From seizures, to autism, from constant illnesses to unknown issues and everything in between - we've become quite the "experienced" parents! Our younger daughter, Kennedy, is 2 1/2. And, because nothing is ever simple or easy, Kennedy is like the maze or hall of mirrors at an amusement park. She's bright and charming, but has many sensory issues, as well as autistic tendencies. Both girls are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Both girls have smiles that light up a room, and both girls keep us on our toes!

Each day, a new adventure begins. I learn something new each day. Whether it be something about myself, or something about my family, or something about a medical or developmental condition - the school year is never over in our house! Small victories, like cleaning up without being told, or eating yogurt without spilling, or being told "no" without a major meltdown are like winning and Olympic Gold Medals in our house. We have learned to appreciate the small things, and we try to "go with the flow". For 2 people who once planned their vacations to the minute and constructed each day based on a timed schedule, this is huge!

Whether I entertain you, or offer you some sound advice, I hope you enjoy the stories of my "special" kids, because they are special. They may be classified as special needs, but they are two amazing kids who bring us so much happiness and have taught us to live every day with a smile on our face!

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  1. Amanda- I found your blog and am glad I did. You are a wonderful mother and sharing your stories helps me keep my ups and downs in perspective! :-) Don't take that the wrong way- I like reading what you write.