Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playground Fun

Tammy and I decided that "Bodie's Place" ( a new boundless playground in Milford, CT would be the site of our Birth to 3 session today. It was a fantastic session at an incredible playground. Boundless does it right, and all access is so important! One of my favorite functions of this playground was the way they had it divided into 2 sections. One site for the 2-5 year old set and one site for the 5-12 year old set. One of the hardest things when you have a small child, or a child who has motor difficulties is the obstacle of typical children bounding up and down the play area.

Kennedy was in her glory. She just climbed up and down the stairs for awhile. She loved the bridges and watching the other kids around her. She was so cute, and would laugh and smile at other kids - although did not engage any of them in her play. Keddy was actually so excited to have Mommy and Tammy to garner attention from. We ran, we climbed, we did swings, we did spinning chairs, we did bouncing caterpillars, we did slides, played store and "rode" a school bus. This was all in the scope of an hour! It was a fantastic session and I would highly recommend a trip to this playground to any one with children!

Playing on the bus with Miss Tammy

It was Mommy's turn to ride the bus

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