Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Win one for Mommy!

So, during our multiple morning rituals this morning, I went outside to clean the kid's little pool and fill it for the hot day that lie ahead. I had, unfortunately, forgotten to put it up last night, and a lovely neighborhood animal (probably the super-squirrels) broke a hole in the lining and the inflatable part. Major bummer!

Kennedy and I took Molly to school and came home to have a productive Speech session with our beloved Sarah! We discovered what we sort of knew. Kennedy is showing atypical in this area, with her Expressive Language scores significantly higher then her Receptive Language scores. (Almost all kids are the reverse) We had a good session though as we worked on First and then, and starting to learn some colors. Then Kennedy and I went to the beach.

This is a great activity to do when I am one-on-one with either girl. Kennedy's safety awareness is so poor, I have to stand in the water to ensure she doesn't try to cross the Long Island Sound by foot. Even when Molly's there, we have to be right in the water, because she just isn't safe without us. I occasionally look at the majority of other parents sitting on the beach, just letting their children frolic. I wonder what they think of me, no more then a foot from my girls - but honestly, I don't care - my kids are safe!

I got Kennedy to leave the beach by exciting her in our next activity - eating a bagel. I have never met a child who loves Dunkin' Donuts Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Twists quite like Keddy does. She even willingly rinsed off with me before eating it! Then we picked up Molly. By this time I had formulated my plan. You see, Molly's been giving me a real hassle about playing in the pool outside. She loves to swim, but isn't a big fan of the kid-size pools. However, it's far too hot for her to be outside too long without being wet! So - I said to her, I will take you Target and let you pick out a kid-size pool, if you promise me you will use it. She was excited and picked out this Princess Castle thing with a small size. Definitely not made for my tall girl, but it was put to extensive use this afternoon! The smiles on their faces and the giggles flying through the air told me everything! It's been a good day. I'm going to take it - I don't know what tomorrow brings (except school, therapy at the park and a play date with a good friend) but you have to embrace the good days - and scrap the negative pieces!

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