Friday, July 15, 2011

Play Dates are Great...

Play dates are Great, but I am tired!

We had a very busy week this week and capped it off with double-decker play dates today! This morning my dear friend Erin (we taught together in the early years at West Shore) brought her 2 little ones over to play with Kennedy. "T" is a 4-year old boy and "I" is a 2-year old girl. Kennedy was unsure at the beginning and hid her face and herself from our guests. She warmed up after we went downstairs to the playroom. She loved "T's" energy and enthusiasm, and seemed entertained by "I". They played with every toy downstairs and then transitioned well for some outdoor fun! I had thought ahead and blown up the spare round pool in addition to the princess castle. The kids frolicked, swam and at munchkins (quite a treat). They then came inside for a light lunch and a little more play. By that time, it was already time to pick Miss Molly up from school. Kennedy seems to really love other kids, and she is definitely around them a lot, but it makes her nervous. I'm not sure if it's sensory overload, but it might be. She definitely seemed to handle things better when she was expelling energy in a rough and playful kind of way. The more she and "T" splashed, bounced, and ran around - the happier and more comfortable she became!

Then, this afternoon, we had FINALLY (Molly asks every day!) scheduled a play date with Molly's beloved Chloe and her twin brother Chris. C&C I will call them! They were as excited as Molly to come to our house. The three big kids and little Kennedy were bouncing as the congregated in the living room. We quickly changed into swim suits and out the door we went. Kennedy stayed to herself and splashed and just took it all in. Molly attempted to twirl a jump rope with C, and then attempted a hide-and-seek game with C&C. This was particularly amusing to watch as Molly hides in the same place every time, and then never checks to make sure somebody is seeking! The kids finished up with outside and went down to the playroom for some dress-up, musical instruments and other toys. By the time they finished, it was 5pm, Daddy was home and we allowed some Wii time. It is important to note that Molly, being the electronic addict that she is, is only allowed to play Wii for less then 1 hour and only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is also the most prized possession, which she knows she loses if her listening ears are not turned on. "If Mommy (or anybody) counts to 3, Molly loses Wii!". By then pizza was picked up, the kids and the parents settled in for some dinner and then the kids finished the evening up with a little sitting around the fridge for a sing-a-long. It was super cute to see them gathered around the Leap Frog boom box singing. They are so sweet and no one is ever excluded, including the smallest member of their group.

My kids were wiped, as was I. They played a little IPad, played with a few toys and were off to bed, hopefully to sleep through the night! It was another wonderful day, to cap off a wonderful week!

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